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Wow! is the 1st word that playing on my mind. If you thought the iPad was the future of touch computing then you could be very wrong because a touch screen desk that is launching in 2012 that could change how we use traditional computers. From my point of view, EXOdesk is a combination of a tablet, desk and keyboard. Somehow its look a little bit weird because of the keyboard. I think they should develop it 100% touch screen. But, the fact it is fun to use, but also incredibly practical. The desk, which will apparently cost $1,299, which in RM is around RM4k++  includes the ability to drag and drop content around the surface as well as pulling in things like your RSS feed and latest tweets. Just like in CSI Miami and etc. Throw to delete document, slide to change desktop. It is really user friendly…

Just imagine you are using gigantic tablet as a desk, viewing your photo on a desk, watching movie on a desk, playing games, I guess that all the PC will be thrown away because of this device….. For me, from 10 stars, I give 7/10.