Posted: November 27, 2011 in Anime
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The story is about a boy named Nozomu Futami. The story begins with Nozomu Futami returning to the town where he was born and raised as a child. He moves in near a shrine which houses a legendary stone that was rumoured to have been the place where twin girls turned into birds. The stone is rumoured to be the cause of an abundance of twin girls who are born in the town. The twins who turned into birds did so because of their love for a man who couldn’t choose between them. A new story created when he meet the first twin at small shop. It was Kira and Yura-chan, and he was facing a trouble with them. As he arrived to the shrine, he meet another small twin, daughters of her aunty. Then he meet another twin which is his childhood friends,  Sumireko and Kaoruko. After that, at school, Nozomu fainted and  rested at school clinic. He meet his Mai sensei twins, Ai. The next twin he meet are Ui and Koi at the Vet Clinic. And the last twin are Sara and Souju where the meeting place is at the shrine. The amazing and the major problem is, all the twins fall in love to him!! All because of his kindness. Who will be the one for him? I almost cry when he experience this conflict~~ huhu… Overall rating, 7/10 stars!!

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  1. kan menangis ko meliat anime ani wang…hehehehe

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